ProFSL Staff
If you would like to apply for a staff position then please PM ProFSL with your positions of interest and why you should be hired.  Note that most of these positions are voluntary contributions to the site.

If you are interested in running your own advanced league with boards at ProFSL then please contact your sport/section's staff as well as ProFSL.

Senior Leadership
ProFSL President/Commissioner
Colby (ProFSL)
Fairfax, VA
Colby has been involved in fantasy sports since 2001 and founded ProFSL in 2009.  He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Mathematics with a focus on actuarial sciences.  In many ways, he has applied his analytical background to designing fantasy sports leagues, scoring, tournaments, rankings, and contests.  Colby also has a technical background with an understanding of several programming languages.

He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is a die-hard Pirates :PIT: and Steelers :PIT-NFL: fan perhaps with more passion for the Pirates because they need every fan they can get with their record breaking losing streak of 19 seasons.  Likewise, he is a Penn State :PennState: football fan and has attended many games at Beaver Stadium.

At ProFSL, with some support from outside vendors, he is able to provide technical support to the site as a web developer.  The site was born with the 30-team fantasy baseball league Franchise GM, and Colby aided the development of dozens of other leagues across all sports.  He manages the ProFSL fantasy sports community as the Commissioner and works with other sites to bring more fantasy sports content to the community.

Sr. Baseball Director
Corey (Corey)
Springfield, Illinois
Corey is the most active member on the site.  He has helped run a league in every sport and continues to be a part of many league staffs today.  He now oversees baseball operations in the community which is by far ProFSL's largest sport.  He is the Commissioner of the notable baseball leagues Moneyball and New Era.  Corey also leads the recruiting staff ensuring our leagues are filled with active and quality GMs.  He assists in just about every community function including discussions, blogging, the scoring service and player rankings.

He is an avid baseball, college sports, football, and tennis fan.  He can be found talking about his :ATL: Braves, :KAN: Chiefs, or :Duke: Blue Devils.  If you have a question about anything related to ProFSL then he is easily approachable via PM or the site chat.

Hockey Director
Drew (Drew)
Saskatoon, SK (Canada)
Drew first joined ProFSL in November of 2010 to join Franchise NHL. Drew quickly applied his previous fantasy hockey knowledge and created Backyard NHL, which has been quite the successful hockey league and has became the standard for hockey leagues at ProFSL. Drew has been attending university for four years in both Edmonton and Saskatoon pursuing a degree in Education to teach Chemistry. Drew's sports career consisted of hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, track, curling, and pretty much anything that involved movement. He excelled in hockey and volleyball winning a combined five Provincial Championships (equivalent to State Championships).

Drew is a hardcore :EDM: Edmonton Oilers fan and follows hockey as closely as possible. He also cheers for the :TEN: Tennessee Titans in the NFL and the :SAS: Saskatchewan Roughriders in a CFL as an enthusiastic football fan. His favourite PGA golfer is Rickie Fowler. He also cheers for the :BOS-NBA: Celtics in basketball and :TOR: Blue Jays in baseball. Drew contributes to ProFSL by overseeing all hockey leagues and does the occasional blog as well as being a heavy discussion participant. Drew also commissions four NHL leagues, an NFL league, and a PGA league: Backyard NHL, Rebel NHL, NHL Casino, World Cup of Hockey, NFL Dynasty 16, The Clubhouse

Football Director
Jake (Jake)
Springfield, Illinois
He's a veteran member since the very beginning of Franchise GM.  Jake has been an active member in many baseball and football leagues as well as other sports.  His latest staff role has him leading football operations at ProFSL.  Jake is a big fan of the :ARI: Arizona Cardinals and wishes Kurt Warner was still leading the team to victories.

Social Media Director
Stephanie (Philly Girl)
Fairfax, VA
Stephanie is married to Colby, the founder of ProFSL. Stephanie graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a BA in History. She provides marketing and social networking support for the site.

Stephanie is originally from Philadelphia, PA and is an avid Philadelphia fan. She loves the Flyers :PHI-NHL:, Eagles :PHI-NFL:, Phillies :PHI:, and Sixers :PHI-NBA:! She was first introduced into the Gridrion Busch Series and graduated to The Gridrion. As an avid Philadelphia fan, her passion for sports seems to be unrivaled amongst women.

Recruiting & Operation Leads
Baseball Manager
Rob (MillerTime)
Charlotte, NC
Rob has helped run several leagues at ProFSL across baseball, football, and even basketball.  He has contributed to quality discussion, player rankings, recruiting and other staff projects.

Football Manager
Rob (Rob)
Manchester, NH
Rob has been passionately involved in fantasy football, baseball, and hockey leagues.  He has participated heavily in discussions, runs his 20-team Dynasty NHL league, and was a lead recruiter for some time.

Basketball Manager
Billy (Billy17)
Virginia Beach, VA
Billy joined ProFSL in May of 2011. He is a rising freshman at Old Dominion University and he will be majoring in Accounting. Billy is the commissioner of Mountain to Glory and Cross-Court Dynasty here on ProFSL. At ProFSL, he manages basketball operations and recruits for many leagues.

Billy is a huge fan of Washington Redskins :WAS-NFL:, New York Yankees :NYY: and Oklahoma City Thunder :OKC:. He has followed the :WAS-NFL: and :NYY: for 10 years. His favorite fantasy sport is fantasy basketball :NBA:

Basketball Manager
Dave (tarheels55)
Winston Salem, NC
Dave has been a consistent member of many, many leagues at ProFSL.  He has recently shifted the priorities of his site contributions to helping lead basketball operations.

Hockey Lead
Tony (Tony)
Price George, BC (Canada)
Tony has been an avid sports fan since he was about five years old. His first love was hockey and has been a huge :EDM: Oilers for over 25 years. He is considered to be a hockey expert and likes to take part in all discussions. He joined his first fantasy league in Feburary 2010 and won the cup in his first full year.

Even thought hockey is his favorite sport he also is a big :BUF: Bills fan and always follows his :TOR: Blue Jays. Watching the Jays go back-to-back was one of his favorite sporting moments. Gretzky getting traded and the Bills losing four straight Superbowls were the worst moments.

He is the commissioner of Vintage NHL. This is a league that will start as the Original Six teams and will grow to 30. He also has helped out in Backyard NHL which is by far his favorite league. Tony enjoys helping out other Commissioners and new members to ProFSL.

Hockey Lead
Thomas (winter)
Vanderbilt, PA
Thomas is a fantasy hockey guru who has helped out with a couple leagues and is often seen lurking the hockey section.

Football Lead
Mike (Mike)
Louisville, KY
Most of Mike's contributions can be found in the discussion forums - particularly football and baseball.  However, he can be found recruiting for the site or running baseball, football, or even studio wrestling leagues.

Football Lead
Ryan (crampy20)
Toronto, ON (Canada)
Ryan runs a few football leagues headlined by Any Given Sunday, the first 32-team money NFL league in the community.  He also dabbles in site recruiting and several non-football leagues.

Football Lead
Anthony (gocubsgo7)
Chicago, IL
Anthony runs his successful multi-sport, contracts league at ProFSL called Title Town.  He is also involved in helping some baseball and football leagues.  One of his major contributions to the community is his graphics work.

Football Lead
Chris (papps)
Tampa, FL
Chris is an avid fantasy league GM that can often be found PM'ing you about trade proposals in one of his many leagues.

Football Lead
Aubrey (Mr.TradeKing)
St. George, SC
Aubrey is a senior Biology major, Business minor at Wofford College making him one of the youngest ProFSL members. In 2003, he started playing fantasy sports and joined ProFSL in April of 2009 after being invited to join Franchise GM, the original ProFSL league. 

He is a die-hard University of South Carolina :SouthCarolina:, where he has attended many football games at Williams-Brice Stadium and baseball games at Carolina Stadium. Aubrey is also a big Atlanta Braves :ATL: fan and makes several trips to Turner Field per year along with following the Miami Dolphins :MIA: and Miami Heat :MIA-NBA:. He also enjoys watching Nascar and pulling for his favorite driver, Carl Edwards. His favorite fantasy sport is fantasy baseball :MLB:.

At ProFSL, Aubrey is a leading contributor in the baseball and football forums and one of the founding members of the Atlanta Braves :ATL: Fan Forum. He is currently the Co-Commissioner of High Heat Baseball and ProGM along with serving on the EC and TC member in several fantasy leagues.

Soccer Lead
Samuel (molinator)
Caracas (Venezuela)
Samuel is involved in many fantasy baseball leagues and just about everything to do with soccer at ProFSL.  He started the first successful soccer league with his Soccer Casino game.  Samuel is involved with recruiting focused on football, baseball, and of course soccer leagues.

Junior Staff
Baseball Staffer
Kenny (kenny)
Brooklyn, NY
Kenny heard about this thing called fantasy baseball from a classmate in 1997. It wasn't until two years later that he participated in his first baseball and football leagues on Yahoo! In 2002, he joined his first 30 team franchise dynasty baseball league, which inspired him to start Armchair Fantasy Baseball here in 2011. Kenny also assists in general baseball league operations on ProFSL.

He is a Mets :NYM: and Jets :NYJ: fan through thick and thin. His favorite sports moment is Robin Ventura's grand slam single in the 15th inning of the 1999 NLCS.  Kenny has a BE in Civil Engineering from The Cooper Union and a MS in Civil Engineering from Columbia University. He has taken that background to the construction field where he is a superintendent for a global construction management firm.

Baseball Staffer
Andrew (sowders22)
Greensboro, NC
Andrew has participated in fantasy sports since 2001 but his specialty is simulation leagues. He has participated in simulation leagues since 2008 and has run numerous leagues on the Baseball Mogul engine and the Out of the Park engine. He is a political science major at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with plans to be a political operative, running campaigns and navigating policy for politicians.

Andrew grew up in Indiana in a time where basketball was king and people forgot the Indianapolis Colts :IND: even existed. His allegiance to the Pacers has dropped off since Reggie Miller retired but his love for the Colts and the Indiana University Hoosiers goes strong. Considering he only lived in Indiana and North Carolina, he was forced to adopt a baseball team, choosing the Miami Marlins :MIA-MLB: due to their Single-A affiliate team, the Greensboro Grasshoppers, being right down the street.

His family has attended the Indianapolis 500 since 1946 and Andrew himself has attended since 1998, therefore his love of the 500 and IndyCar in general dominates his interest in all other sports. If you confuse this with NASCAR, he may physically assault you, assuring you never make the mistake a second time.

At ProFSL, he runs the flagship simulation league, MLB Pro. He also oversees the entire simulation branch of the website and is the man to talk to if you are interested in running your own league. He has a very high standard for excellence and quality in simulation leagues and is tireless in his effort to make sure his managers have the best experience possible.

Baseball Staffer
Justin (reedjohnson)
Milwaukee, WI
Justin has been playing simulation-style fantasy baseball since 2008 and only got serious about traditional fantasy baseball after joining ProFSL in 2011. He is a journalism major at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee :Milwaukee: whose dream is to one day be a beat writer for a Major League Baseball team. He works as a Boy Scout camp administrator during the summer and an Assistant News Editor for the UWM Post during the school year.

A huge Chicago Cubs :CHC2: fan going to school in Milwaukee, Justin's baseball obsession came late – he has only been seriously following the game since 2007. Reed Johnson, Ryan Dempster, and Starlin Castro are his favorite players. He loves adding to his growing memorabilia collection, which includes a Wrigley Field 2nd base from the greatest game he's ever been to, a Mike Fontenot broken bat, Reed Johnson's cap from Opening Day 2012, and an autographed baseball from Theo Epstein which he collected himself.

In his free time, Justin enjoys writing for his website, Baseblog, which follows the NL Central division. On ProFSL he contributes the Dynasty GM Blog and is a proud GM in the Moneyball League. He one day hopes to commission his own dynasty fantasy baseball league on ProFSL, complete with intricate and variable contracts, and deep minor league systems.

Hockey Staffer
Tyler (BeanTown)
Moncton, NB (Canada)
Tyler first joined ProFSL in January of 2010 when introduced to BackYard NHL .  Tyler attended the Memorial University of Newfoundland on a Soccer Scholarship where he was Team Captain & League All-Star for his 3rd and 4th years while completing a Degree in Business.  At ProFSL, he contributes largely within the fantasy hockey community as a discussion leader and also takes part in many top NHL, NFL and Soccer leagues within the site.

Tyler is an absolute die-hard Boston Bruins :BOS-NHL: fan and has been for 20+ years! In other sports Tyler follows the Dallas Cowboys :DAL:, Toronto Blue Jays :TOR:, Toronto Raptors :TOR-NBA: and is a life long Manchester United :ManchesterUnited: fan. His favorite fantasy sport is fantasy hockey :NHL:.

Hockey Staffer
Mike (10gophers10)
Minneapolis, MN
Resident Minnesota fan on the staff who is involved in all sports at ProFSL.  Mike will participate in discussion and recruiting from time-to-time.

Football Staffer
Eric (Eric)
Denver, CO
Eric joined ProFSL in 2010 and joined the ProFSL HOF in 2011 with his work in the Multi-Sport category. He graduated college in 2006 with a major in Process Plant Technology in North Dakota and is currently in a Gas Process Plant Operator in Colorado. Eric is the commissioner of Fantasy Factory and SEC Brand Sports (both Multi-Sport leagues) here on ProFSL. At ProFSL, he started the first Multi-Sport league in Fantasy Factory, City of Champions and City of Champions 2 and is a part of the staff involved in such operations.

Eric is a huge fan of the  :CAR: Carolina Panthers, :BOS: Boston Red Sox, :Kansas: Kansas Basketball, :NorthDakota: North Dakota Hockey, :COL-NHL: Colorado Avalanche, :Colorado: Colorado Buffaloes and the :OKC: Oklahoma City Thunder. He favorite sport, both fantasy and real life, is :NFL: and :NCAA:.

Football Staffer
Geoff (ggschulz)
Tulare, CA
Geoff leads the brigade of NCAA league operations at ProFSL.  Just about any league with an NCAA theme or actual scoring of fantasy college football or basketball is a league in which you can find him.

Football Staffer
Myron (Mariner)
London, ON (Canada)
While Myron is considered to be a part of the football staff where he focused on discussion topics, an equal or greater part of his time spent at ProFSL is on hockey.

Soccer Staffer
Daniel (Garfield)
The Hague, SH (Netherlands)
Daniel is our one and only Euro on the staff.  He is detail oriented and likes to run very realistic fantasy leagues with player contracts and options.  He started the first road cycling fantasy league with UCI WorldTour and has launched the most successful fantasy soccer league with All-Europe Football.  In addition, he participates in fantasy basketball leagues.

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  • chrisetc21: You don't need those picks man
    Today at 01:29:33 AM
  • chrisetc21: plenty of free agents out there
    Today at 01:29:41 AM
  • chrisetc21: Bon Jovi can't sing anymore... sad.
    Today at 01:30:22 AM
  • indiansnation: No I'm only spending a certain amount this yr
    Today at 01:30:28 AM
  • chrisetc21: how much are you spending?
    Today at 01:31:24 AM
  • Jonathan: Otani might be closer to 40m in this league.
    Today at 01:31:38 AM
  • chrisetc21: :HOU: needs to know
    Today at 01:31:55 AM
  • chrisetc21: I think Otani might go 50 per, seeing what's going on so far!
    Today at 01:32:18 AM
  • chrisetc21: our cap goes up, it doesn't stay static
    Today at 01:32:42 AM
  • chrisetc21: went up like $7m over last season
    Today at 01:32:59 AM
  • indiansnation: Johnathan by the way villa is mine lol
    Today at 01:33:00 AM
  • indiansnation: Carpenter is at 21m year
    Today at 01:34:31 AM
  • chrisetc21: pricey
    Today at 01:35:27 AM
  • Jonathan: in the Moustakas thread, you attempted to up a bid by -30m lol
    Today at 01:35:36 AM
  • Jonathan: You're not allowed to bid on indians players, conflict of interest.
    Today at 01:37:03 AM
  • indiansnation: No do I have a bid on him know nope
    Today at 01:37:35 AM
  • Jonathan: forget Otani, what does Altuve go for?
    Today at 01:39:38 AM
  • Jonathan: #1 MI in entire league.
    Today at 01:40:09 AM
  • chrisetc21: BooYah! I forgot about him
    Today at 01:40:11 AM
  • indiansnation: See its all about waiting soon as all these owners run out of money that's when u can get what u looking for
    Today at 01:40:16 AM
  • indiansnation: See that's one thing about chrisetc21 he waits I'll give him that
    Today at 01:41:21 AM
  • indiansnation: He never goes high on players unless he trades for them
    Today at 01:41:56 AM
  • chrisetc21: Patience Danielsan
    Today at 01:42:19 AM
  • indiansnation: I just need guys to fill in that's all
    Today at 01:43:11 AM
  • chrisetc21: How many guys you need?  I have some.
    Today at 01:44:10 AM
  • indiansnation: Yea and u won't trade them lol.but I can't blame u but in long run u will never get the one player u want from me.
    Today at 01:48:24 AM
  • chrisetc21: Who did you want?  LMK
    Today at 01:49:03 AM
  • indiansnation: See Chris u build from draft but I build from milb
    Today at 01:49:08 AM
  • indiansnation: The 3 I asked for and u won't move them
    Today at 01:49:37 AM
  • indiansnation: So know my price for my player is going up in price
    Today at 01:50:07 AM
  • chrisetc21: you want 3 top 100 prospects for an average outfielder
    Today at 01:51:45 AM
  • chrisetc21: When he stinks the first two months this season you're going to beg me to trade him
    Today at 01:52:40 AM
  • chrisetc21: Yule C
    Today at 01:52:49 AM
  • indiansnation: Nope won't happen
    Today at 01:53:21 AM
  • chrisetc21: Contract for Otani? [link]
    Today at 01:54:54 AM
  • indiansnation: This year is different its not about winning it all its about building my team. If I am not there then so be it. Its about addeing to my young team. Spend some money and wait.
    Today at 01:55:10 AM
  • indiansnation: Thanks Chris its done
    Today at 01:56:04 AM
  • indiansnation: Abl  is different league
    Today at 01:56:27 AM
  • chrisetc21: I think Ohtani is going to be hurt
    Today at 02:01:19 AM
  • chrisetc21: great first two months, hurt, just like Masahiro
    Today at 02:01:38 AM
  • chrisetc21: We'll see
    Today at 02:01:50 AM
  • indiansnation: Everything I read about him he is amazeing
    Today at 02:03:47 AM
  • indiansnation: Throws 100mph fastball
    Today at 02:05:23 AM
  • chrisetc21: Tyler Kolek threw 100
    Today at 02:07:11 AM
  • chrisetc21: Lots of people throw hard now
    Today at 02:08:04 AM
  • indiansnation: 22hr 67 RBI 18 doubles last season
    Today at 02:08:21 AM
  • chrisetc21: Arquimedes Caminero
    Today at 02:08:30 AM
  • indiansnation: What I read was Yankees tried to buy him to cone play for them and he got turned off from that.
    Today at 02:10:13 AM
  • chrisetc21: They're going to boo the BooYah! out of him in New York
    Today at 02:11:47 AM
  • chrisetc21: Lol
    Today at 02:11:52 AM